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Our Story

Back In 2012, RoadMonsters was initially a group of 10 travel passionate riders who were then an engineering student, decided to pursue their dream of travelling and exploring India. For the next 3 years, all 10 members set on a voyage to explore India in a completely off-beat travelling way, covering the country on their Royal Enfield Bikes (Standard-500cc) and Trekking. The Crew members were professionally trained in bike off-roading and adventure traveling. This allowed us to travel beyond Roads and feel some of Hidden Gems of India which very few people were aware of. In 2015, one of the crew members(founder) - Harshit Upadhyay decided to deliver the same travelling experience to people when they travel India, with Professional Off-Roading and Adventure Travelling training so as to enhance the travelling experience of people to a whole new level. This however was something very challenging to deliver as it has never been done before. All other 9 members supported him with this initiative and helped him to form a team of Professionals by providing the training themselves.


Do You Know The Difference Between a Tourist And A Traveller? A tourist sees what he has been told or what he already know about the place. A traveller on the other hand is an explorer, he feels the place, tries new things, sees beyond whats infront of You. RoadMonsters commit to organise a tour which is inclined in the interest of a traveller. Meet new people, Try Local Food, Learn Local Art work, Visit Local Houses, Roam Freely at a new Place and many other activities just to ensure that our customers always travel as a Traveller.

Biking Tours

“ If You Want to be Happy
For a day, Drink
If You Want to be Happy
For a year, Marry
If You Want to be Happy
For a lifetime, Ride a MOTORCYCLE ”


  • Professional Certified Crew (Rider, Mechanic, Navigator) leading the group.
  • Get Professional Off- Road Training on selected training tracks.
  • Get Customized Bikes as per terrain conditions to make your ride more safe and thrilling.
  • Get to explore Exclusive Off-Road routes where riding is an unforgettable experience.
  • Experience local tradition and culture.
  • Safe & Confident riding in various landscapes.

Trekking Tours

“In Every Walk In Nature, One Receives More Than He Seeks”


  • Experience local traditions and customs.
  • Professional Equipments for treks.
  • Professional Hiking Training to keep you safe as per terrain conditions.
  • Wildlife spotting.
  • Traditional food prepared as per local practices.

Keep Travelling... Keep Exploring...